Our Funds

A complete list of sevacf’s funds

Donor Advised Funds

003 Herbert K & Carolyn K Bangel Advised Fund

009 Cherry Family Donor Fund

011 The Child & Family Fund of Patrick & Karen Callahan

019 Don, Susan & Kathleen Comer Donor Advised Fund

020 Creecy Family Advised Fund

023 Neal & Jean Davis Advised Fund

029 Fleming Family Advised Fund

035 Paul & Carolyn Gottlieb Advised Fund

038 Griffin Family Advised Fund

042 William Collins Hill Memorial Fund

073 Ward and Bruce Robinett Family Advised Fund

074 Paul & Shirley Robinett Fund

082 Sims Donor Advised Fund

085 STRIVE – The Tapp Family Foundation Fund

094 Wood Family Advised Fund

102 Viola Family Donor Advised Fund

113 Oast Family Donor Advised Fund

126 Major Hillard Family Advised Fund

127 Patterson-Bertrand Family Donor Advised Fund

130 Apurva & Vandana Patel Family Donor Advised Fund

135 Folkes Family Donor Advised Fund

151 U. Starr Oliver Donor Advised Fund

155 Maurice Gunter Advised Fund

157 Richard E. H. Wentz Family Donor Advised Fund

160 Hackworth Family Donor Advised Fund

161 W. Lewis & Judith W. Witt Donor Advised Fund

162 John Burns Family Donor Advised Fund

163 Korving Family Donor Advised Fund

165 John Porter Wright Family Advised Fund

166 Hardee Family Donor Advised Fund

Committee Advised Fund

052 Randolph-Macon Lamda Chi Alpha Fraternity Corp. Fund

175 Coach Rabbit Howard Committee Advised Fund

Agency Endowment

091 USO of Hampton Roads and Central VA Restricted Endowment Fund

099 Elizabeth River Project Endowment Fund

105 Elizabeth B. Watson Endowment Fund

107 AAPI-HR Foundation Fund

108 Friends of Chevra T’helim Fund

112 Chesapeake Sports Club Endowment Fund

115 Annette Crandall Scholarship Fund

118 E. Ann Stokes American Heritage Fund

119 South Norfolk Ruritan Club Endowment Fund

131 YMCA of Portsmouth Endowment Fund

133 Chesapeake Public Schools Educational Foundation Fund

137 Portsmouth Sports Foundation Fund

140 Joy Ministries Endowment Fund

146 Children’s Health Investment Program Endowment Fund

172 India Heritage Foundation Endowment Fund

General Unrestricted Funds

010 Arthur & Martha Cherry Fund

027 Eustis Unrestricted Fund

039 Bernard Griffin, Sr. Memorial Endowment Fund

066 Southeast Virginia Community Needs Fund

093 Dick & Dona Wood Fund

110 Jacquie B. McCready Deans Fund

123 Dr. H. Dale Sponaugle Family Fund

147 Willie G. Wilson Estate Fund

Field of Interest Funds

012 Children with Special Needs Fund

013 Chisholm Fund

081 Shuler Family Fund

121 South Norfolk Ruritan Club R. “Buddy” Bagley Statue/War Memorial Fund

169 757 Lunch Money

Designated Purpose Fund

001 Operating Fund

007 Portsmouth Cedar Grove Cemetery Fund

018 Collins Project Fund

022 The Neal & Jean Davis Family Fund

026 EDMARC Hospice for Children Endowment Fund

028 First Citizen Designated Fund

030 Foskey-VanDyck Memorial Fund

033 Lee & Helen Gifford Fund

041 John & Barbara Hill Fund

053 Medical Transport Assistance Fund

054 Merrimac Kiwanis Legacy Fund

057 Fort Nelson Chapter of the NSDAR Fund

061 PIT Foundation Designated Fund

069 Portsmouth Service League Fund

076 Schwetz Library Fund

084 St. John’s/ London House Fund

086 Tidewater Youth Golf Association Fund

088 Trinity/ London House Fund

106 PPLF/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

109 ERP/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

117 AAPI-HR/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

122 Chesapeake Sports Club/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

124 Heritage Fund

125 Christopher Academy/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

128 Fort Nelson Chapter NSDAR/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

129 South Norfolk Ruritan Club/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

132 YMCA of Portsmouth/TBF/SEVACF Designated Endowment Fund

134 CPSEF/SEVACF/TBF Designated Endowment Fund

138 Portsmouth Sports Fdn/SEVACF/TBF Endowment Fund

141 Joy Ministries Endowment Fund


004 George F. Bogdan Scholarship Fund

015 Bradley Coles Memorial Scholarship Fund

017 Josef D. Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund

031 Foskey-VanDyck Scholarship Fund

043 Tyrone Hines Scholarship Fund

044 Horace Savage Scholarship Fund

045 Barbara Howard OTR Memorial Scholarship Fund

047 IFPTE Local #1 Ralph McElfresh Scholarship Fund

049 C.H. Jordan Scholarship Fund

072 W. Clayton Robertson Memorial Scholarship Fund

077 C.S. Sherwood Scholarship Fund

079 Jarrod B. Shivers Memorial Scholarship Fund

114 Portsmouth Service League Scholarship Fund

139 Jack Matheson Memorial Scholarship Fund

144 Rachel M. Leister Scholarship Fund

148 Susan Berry Reitelbach Scholarship for Library Volunteers Fund

149 Mason Hackworth Theatre Scholarship Fund

150 Karen Mellott Colston Memorial Scholarship Fund

152 Al Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund

154 Maurice Gunter Scholarship Fund

156 Maylea Brockington Beasley Love & Laughter Scholarship Fund

159 Conner McGrevy Memorial Scholarship Fund

164 Frances V.C. Major Memorial Scholarship Fund

170 Gladys Clarke Memorial Scholarship Fund

174 Eastern Amateur Golf Tournament Scholarship Fund

176 Brantley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Special Projects

104 Crush Cancer (Cycle for Survival)

120 Chesapeake 50, Inc. T/A Chesapeake Charities

136 North Suffolk Rotary Club

153 Faith United

158 Serve the City of Chesapeake

167 Smithfield High School Choral Boosters

173 All Tidewater Classic