Professional Advisors

we can help you help your clients

You know your clients. We know philanthropy. Together we can ensure your clients make the best decisions for making a difference in southeast Virginia and across the country. We’ve developed our financial policies to optimize the impact of every gift and to simplify the giving process. We manage funds carefully and invest wisely.

How We Work With You

We consider attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, trust officers, insurance agents and other professionals to be our valued partners in charitable giving and know that it is no small task to develop a charitable plan that takes into account your client’s financial and charitable needs.

  • You maintain management of your client’s charitable
    assets and continue to earn a fee after; we handle
    the administrative details.
  • You know your clients; we bring expertise in
    philanthropy and deep community knowledge.
  • You seek effective giving channels; we create and
    sustain numerous customize, charitable investment
    vehicles.Click here to see an overview of the
    Foundation’s many types of Funds.

Clients We Help You Serve

  • Those who care deeply about specific causes or organizations.
  • Those who give regularly to one or more charitable causes.
  • Those interested in creating a personal or family legacy in their community.
  • Those who are thinking about creating a private foundation.
  • Those who like to stay personally involved in their use of gift dollars.
  • Those who want to receive the maximum tax benefits for their charitable contributions that are allowable by law.
  • Those who place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions.

Assets We Accept

If your client is thinking about making a charitable gift, we offer a variety of giving vehicles. These vehicles provide specific tax benefits to your clients and help them achieve their unique investment goals and charitable aspirations.

  • Make a credit card donation online
  • Cash (cash equivalents, including credit card donations)
  • Publicly traded securities
  • Closely held stock
  • IRAs, retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • Life insurance policies
  • Tangible personal property (some restrictions may apply)

Advisor Toolkit

Donor Advised Fund
and Private Foundation Comparison

To compare tax advantages of a Donor Advised Fund at the Southeast Virginia Community Foundation to a Private Foundation to a Donor Advised Fund at a Financial Institution, view this comparison chart of key differences.

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