7 Ways Community Foundations Increase Philanthropic Efficiency

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7 Ways Community Foundations Increase Philanthropic Efficiency


  1. As public charities, community foundations offer the highest level of tax benefits for giving. And, we let you personalize your gift and contribute to building a stronger community.
  2. Gifting your community foundation with cash or stock by creating a new fund or adding to an existing one will increase both your tax benefits and your opportunities to give back.
  3. Having a donor-advised fund with us lets you target the many different areas of need in our community, rather than choosing a single cause. Suppose you want to feed the hungry, educate children, and support the arts — you can do it all through us and won’t have to narrow down your support to just one charity.
  4. Community foundations give you flexibility. Whether you want to do your giving now or leave a legacy for future generations, we can help you start a fund that meets your needs.
  5. Speaking of the future, we honor our past donors forever, making grants to charities that are tackling the problems of today and tomorrow from funds set up many years ago.
  6. Foundation funds are pooled together and professionally managed to grow over time, so you’ll always have more chances to support local nonprofits.
  7. We take the burden off of you. With investment and administrative services provided, giving back has never been more convenient.

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