OUR DONORS, OUR HEART AND SOUL — testimonials from a few of our current donors:

“We have an interest in many nonprofits and opportunities: Teaching the homeless “how to fish”, bringing STEM to children, and healthcare. We donated our office building to the Foundation and are happy that they have put it to such good use. In due time, the Foundation will get ‘another round’ from us because they are uniquely qualified to address our community’s needs.” – Dale and Orva Sponaugle
“The Foundation is at the center of positive change in Portsmouth. I am proud to partner with them in so many ways.” – Bob and Judy Williams
“I am honored that the Foundation administers a scholarship fund in my name. I couldn’t help the children if it wasn’t for their support.”– Pat and Tyrone Hines
“I am so proud to be a supporter of the Foundation’s endowment challenge program which will help ensure the future of groups like the Elizabeth River Project. The Foundation is also very personal to me because they have given scholarships to students from the Clayton Robertson Scholarship Fund.” – Susan Robertson 
“My family and I have been truly blessed. Our desire is to be active and impactful members of our community through our giving.” – Darryl and Tiffany Tapp
“Working on the scholarships and the reception at the Southeast Virginia Community Foundation has given me an opportunity to be actively involved in carrying on legacies that were important to my father — giving back to the community and education.” – Donna Saffold