Like all community foundations, we are overseen by a volunteer board of leading citizens and run by professionals who know our community’s needs. We go beyond simply making grants that advance charitable activities; we also identify current and emerging issues, stimulate resources to address those needs, and help Southeast Virginia prepare for the future.

Board of Directors
Timothy S. Culpepper, President
Thomas E. Wood, Past President
Daniel E. Grubb, VicePresident
William H. Oast, III, Vice President
Emily Robbins, Treasurer
Richard E. H. Wentz, Secretary
Stephen Korving 

Carolyn Bernard
Michelle Butler
Amy W. Folkes
Carl L. Hardee
Ashton Lewis, Jr.
Scott W. Matheson
Patrick L. Reynolds
Susan G. Robertson
David W. Stockmeier
Emil A. Viola

R. Stephen Best, Sr., Chief Executive Officer  | 
Janice Coppa, Director of Finance and Administration  |
Stephanie Calway, Administrative Coordinator |